Who we are?

Junior Sport is a Non-Profit Organization based in Romania. The purpose of the association “Junior Sport” is to promote the sport activities and to inform children and youth about the importance and benefits of practicing sports.
To achieve these goals the association has the following objectives and activities:

  • Achieving and sustaining projects and programs to promote sport in collaboration with state institutions and other organizations.
  • Attracting and collecting funds to stimulate and finance sport activities among children and youth
    Organization and promotion of sport and education activities and to popularize the sport among young people in order to attract a large number of practitioners of sports
  • Editing and distribution of sports information, as well as a publication which promotes sport and the benefits of sport on physical and mental health
  • Organizing activities or sports competitions with participation of youth

JUNIOR SPORT Association began its activity in 2011 and in 2012 launched a pilot project for the magazine JUNIOR SPORT – the first magazine in Romania dedicated to education and children’s sports culture. The association also organized in partnership with the Municipality of Bucharest, UNEFS and the Excellence Center Cardio Mix, the event “The open hour of sports” (inside Baneasa Shopping Mall – on June 2, Bucharest), an event where 1,000 children from different sports clubs in Bucharest have made numerous sports demonstrations.

JUNIOR SPORT Association signed a partnership protocol with the Ministry of Education and Science (MECS), with the National University of Physical Education and Sport (UNEFS) that allows that the Junior Sport magazine will be distributed for free in all the secondary schools and that the two institutions will be involved in the good running of the events and activities of the association.
Also, a cooperation protocol was signed between the Association JUNIOR SPORT and the Municipal Sports Club from Bucharest (C.S.M.).

Under the slogan “Send children to sport!” JUNIOR SPORT Association, along with its partners, aims to make an alliance with parents to raise awareness on the undeniable importance of sport and of a healthy lifestyle for the harmonius development of children.

Who we are?