12 septembrie
acum !
Parcul Cișmigiu

Hai și tu !


The biggest hopscotch in the world in number of participants

On September 12 2015 Junior Sports Association will organize in Cismigiu, “The biggest hopscotch in the world in number of participants,” where are invited to jump over 2000 people. Junior Sport Association intend to organize the biggest hopscotch in the world (the biggest number of participants playing at the same time), in Bucharest, in Cismigiu Park. We are looking to bring together more than 2000 participants. The core target will be: over 70% children between 9 and 13 years old (part of Bucharest’s sports Centers for children, Schools from Bucharest); 30% sport students, personalities from music, politics, media and sport champions, sport personalities and athletes. Because this was our childhood “sport”, we want to bring kids closer to motion and sport.

We are born movers!