Events 2015

  • logo-Junior Hop

    Junior Hop Project is partially funded by the European Commission, through Erasmus + program, Action Calaborative Partnerships in sports.
    Junior Hop project was born out of the passion for sports of a group of organizations that wish to tackle a European problem of children obesity by promoting voluntary activities in sport and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity through increased participation in, and equal access to, sport for all.
    The coordinator of this project is the Junior Sport Association. Together with partners from Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and the Czech Republic, we have formed a consortium in the field of junior sport, with the aim to encourage the participation of children in sports.
    The project will have a duration of 12 months and is expected to involve more than 200 members of sports organizations, more than 2500 children and more than 50 youth workers in the domain of junior sport.

  • Charity ball

    The Association JUNIOR SPORT, if we will find financial resources from sponsors, we will organize, starting with December 2015 JUNIOR SPORT BALL, a desired event to be held as annual edition, as the popular big charity balls, but will include a gala pool. Specifically, during the ball, 10 special prizes will be awarded to 10 junior champions / junior teams (practicing 10 different sports), whose sport performance was remarkable in the period 2014-2015. In addition, during the event, we will collect donations for the talented children whose parents do not have financial means to support them, and they already have abandoned professional sport or are on the brink of abandoning, and on the other hand, for little athletes who face serious health problems and need medical treatment and/or expensive surgery.

  • Revista Junior Sport

    The first and only publication with FREE distribution in schools and colleges (state secondary classes), following the protocol signed with the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research and U.N.E.F.S.! The magazine is thought to be in A4 format, full color, minimum 88 pages, estimated circulation: 15,000 copies minimum. The magazine is distributed for free in the events organized by us, and is published quarterly. To view the editorial content, you can consult the first edition online here. (Http://