Europe has more and more cases of obesity at children and this also happens in Romania, being on the third place to obesity at children.
Most respondents who never exercise or play sport can be found in Bulgaria (78%), Malta (75%), Portugal (64%), Romania (60%) and Italy (60%).
The aim of the project Junior Hop is to encourage the participation in sport and physical activity of juniors (primary and secondary school – 7 to 14 years old).
The specific objectives for this project are:
– Increase the interest in the field of sports among the target groups by generating a positive attitude towards sports.
– Making an exchange of good practices seminar between the youth workers – young teachers in sports, representatives of NGOs and universities from the 5 countries participating in the project. This objective aims at creating networking among the participants, identification of good practices in the domain of sports in the participating countries, development of an educational tool that will increase junior’s interest in sports, raising the profile of our work and engaging with key stakeholders.
– Making an event (the world’s largest hopscotch, as number of participants).